I'm Back!

After a very long hiatus I have finally decided to come back. I have been absent for almost two months now and I miss my blog. I have been swamped up by reports and extra curricular activities that even my desire to write about all the things that had happened in the past months was consumed. Just an update here:
  1. I was finally transferred to 6-11, a sister company of e-Academy, a school that I have worked for for more than a year now. Nothing has changed, I'm still using the same computer unit and still stationed at the same working place at the same office (how is that for a transfer?). Well, I'm not complaining, I'd say I am happy with how things are going.

    Note: Research on “Sister company” thing. Why not use brother company for a change?

  2. Me and the gang moved to new house. We are renting a 2 bedroom house for a very cheap rent. It is our happy place, abundant with food and chocolates, with cable and Internet connection and fun people. The renovation and repainting paid off. We are still adjusting and testing the waters though.

    Note: The bills for the utility is so expensive plus our food supply is so costly. Whew! Never thought living independently would be so expensive. Now I know how my parents feel.

  3. I am starting to adore Korean series. Thanks to ibyang who introduced me to this new fancy. I find them wickedly funny and stupid, it makes you laugh for no reason. At first I cannot comprehend the buzz it is making in the Philippine television, but now I understand the craze. They are so damn hilarious and adorable, like watching real life anime characters minus the bucket of tears and drooling saliva.

    Note: Sudden change of daily schedule... Restful sleep at 6pm, Alarm at 1am, Korean Series till 3am, off to work at 4am.

  4. I lost my part time job. I lost my interest on it. I'm sad but partly happy because I was not enjoying it anymore. Time to look for a new part time job now. PERA-PERA na to!

  5. My dad retired--- effective May 17, 2009.

  6. I'm planning to buy a house. I need to invest on something. I'm not getting any younger so I better get my ass and money on something worthy and useful.

We were scanning some resumes we got from the JOB fair last week.




Age: 29 years old


Civil Status: Father of two but not yet married

How's that for a detailed resume? bwahahahhaha

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dodong flores said...

Hello, Adz!
Welcome back...

Pareho bitaw tang busy. Ako naman, I hardly bloghop these days.
Wala gyod ni nada ang trabaho, makadaot sa blogging :D