Big Boy na ako!

Tumataba na ako. Ewan kung dahil sa depression or sa biglang change ng schedule ko. Promise, pag ako nag pakilo today... puputok ang scale.

I went to the barber shop last Sunday. After my super boring session with Mr. Barber, I went out feeling refreshed and hilarious. I never looked this way in years. The last time I cut my hair too short was 2 years ago. I feel okay but I still get those questioning look even after a week of having a new look.

Varied reactions.
"what was he thinking?" thoughts everywhere
You look fat in your new hair!

I will do a series of flashback entries in the coming days. I just have to upload the photos I've gathered for my new project. I'm super excited!

I have started attending a new class for commercial cookery. It's great actually plus the fact that the whole class is for free. No registration fee, no payment for the ingredients, nadda what so ever. Last time, the preparatory class was a computer class on MS Word and MS Powerpoint.

I am not just a big boy. I am a super fat boy now.

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