I Don't Know You Anymore

This is the first and the last time that I will write about this Sh*t. This entry is full of sh*t, it stinks like a septic tank but I am posting it anyway.

It all started 10 years ago. He was new to the whole private school scenario and he was alone. On the corner of the classroom he saw a girl who looked so familiar, lonely and alone as he was. She was familiar because they used to bump into each other in some events, they lived in the same world, they clicked from then on.

They started an unnamed relationship. It was unidentified and unmarked, nothing whatsoever. Together they dreamed of making it to the list of Forbes riches people, together they soared high, together they laughed at uncanny things normal people wouldn't laugh at, together they stayed. People often would ask them if they were an item, no they were not. Their bond is more than any one could imagine and if it were a landmark, it would have passed as the 7th wonder of the new world.

They had rough times along the way. And now they are still at it. This maybe the toughest test of the 10 year roller coaster ride. She may have forgotten but this is history repeating it self. 7 years ago they were at the same spot, the spot that made Tork and Martha resign from the group. They were young then, it looked cute, funny and forgettable, but not now, not after 7 years.

He is not talking to her anymore, “silence is the best revenge” he said.

She is not talking to him anymore. She maybe afraid of rejection or is just pissed off of him giving himself too much credit to interfere with her life. She said “I am old enough, I know what I am doing”

With that he left leaving no footprints behind. Nothing, not even a hint that they know each other. Maybe 10 years ago would have been better setting for this. They would shout at each other when they fight, misunderstandings were always made known to the populace, everybody would have a say and at the end of the day everything would be okay. But 10 years ago is long gone, we now have our pride as big as Mt. Fuji and I don't bend down when its not my fault. You may remain oblivious of what you did and how you disappoint me.

Lastly, let me remind you of the day I defended you when Clark and Jane asked you to choose between us and him whose name should not be mentioned. I told them not to do it because making a choice is always difficult (at least that choice). Maybe I did that because I don't want to hear you choosing him over us and I should have hinted that the day would come when making a choice is all you should do.

Don't worry.... when I see your name at the second spot of Forbes Magazine list of richest people in the world, I will smile, because by then I will be on the number one spot...bwahahahah

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