Night out with College Friends

Last Friday me and my college friends went out of our busy lives to enjoy a night together. With no clear agenda, no event to celebrate, no reason for getting together, a text was broadcasted and calls were made.

We had dinner at Pronto Mario. The food was great as usual plus we get to annoy other customers when we started playing word factory before and after eating.

(photos from Davao Food Trip)

I have visited Pronto Mario a dozen of times but I always forget to take a snapshot.
Mental note to do it the next time I visit.

After our dinner we went to Gmik for our usual videoke and drinking session. Though we had to squeeze in a small room and deal with the "not so efficient" AC unit, we, never-the-less had a blast.

Vince, Jenny, Allan, Shula

Adz, Madz and his GF Pamela

the gang
(Shula, Jenny, Cherry, Tlyn, Joe, Bert, Maya)

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