End of Hiatus

After a long Hiatus I have finally decided to get back to blogging. I know I have not been able to post anything since December of 2009 but I promise to catch up for the lost moments. Just an update.

- I am now working full time for the call center handling a non voice account on social media and Internet marketing. From accounting to call center, how is that for a career change?

- So many things had happened after my last post. Met new people, had new friends, built a new team, been sleeping here and there (literally, just sleeping). It was a roller coaster ride. Short, adventurous and fun but I bowed never to take the same flight again. Not just yet... not sooner.

- I feel so tired and stressed. I feel the need to rant about everything for the sake of ranting about it. I feel like punching someones face till their nose break. I feel like smashing the plates and plastic wares at home. But I feel so tired to do all those things I'd rather sleep.

- New opportunities are coming my way and I have to make a decision fast.

- I might enroll for my Masters this semester. Choosing between MBA Corporate Management (USEP) of Masters in Management (UP Mindanao). What you think?


Chimy said...

hep hep hurray!!!

Dee said...

Welcome back! :)

aDz said...

@Chimy- Hooray!!!!!!

@Mommy Dee- Thank you.... sana dina ako muling mawala... :)