Applying Facebook Rules

For social media marketers like us, facebook is the root of our career. We sleep and wake up according to facebook rules. We play by the admin rules and follow the admin standards of anti spamming. Here are some rules in facebook one should live by.

1.Do not add too many friends all at once or you will end up losing all of them. We might get too excited to start a new friendship or connection that we don't notice we are doing it beyond what is normal. So be safe with friend adding.

2.Accept friends who are REAL. Reject and restrict unwanted people into your personal space. Learn to say no.

3.If you have to engage in a marketing activity, create dummy accounts. The dummy accounts should have consistent information, reliable details and realistic facts. In this way, we get to engage in a marketing activity without jeopardizing our personal account.

4.Entertain, be creative, make your facebook space your own. Create a window of your life through facebook. Learn, teach, imagine, brag, be anyone you want to be but never use facebook as a space to belittle somebody or to show off something that is not and cannot happen. You may post shout outs but never ever mention or tag somebody out of anger. Don't fight with someone using facebook. You will create a circus and end up making fun of your self.

5.Lastly, keep all things private. Details should only be shown to friends and not to friends of friends who could be your enemy.

Facebook is supposed to be fun. Life as well is supposed to be fun. Why not let it serve its purpose?

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