2011 EMO Post

After a long period of hiatus, I finally got the time to blog again. With my review and classes taking most of my waking hours, I can hardly get to write something that makes sense. So many things to do so little time, so just an update now, this will be short and fast.

1.    I started teaching handling business subject. One dream achieved for this year. I have always wanted to teach but I never got the chance to work on it. Ang saya nang academe industry. You get to touch young people’s lives and get to share your knowledge. I wanted to appear strict to my student pero I can’t help but be cool and kengkoy with them.

2.    I started with my review again. Hirap! Parang balik elementary ako, behind sa lahat ng bagay, parang kinder lang na nakisali sa college class. Hope to reap good results this time.

Ang dami kong binago this year, ang dami kong na realize and gustong itama na mali. 2010 was a year of moving on and realization. 2011 is the year of change. I am having a very difficult time here. I made some big moves; I hope I can live with it.

“I know I can always take care of my self, but now I want someone who can prove to me that I can’t”

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