Self Introduction ( A little too late)

2011 is a new year for me, my family, and my friends. We have so much to look up to and so many things we need to settle. This year marks my silver year. So, I decided to make the most out of my blog this year and for the years to come.

November 2007 when I first started this blog, I am not an avid blogger, so at times I just let days, months and even years fly by without me checking the status of my blog. More than 3 years and this blog is still in the same sh*t hole as it is from where it started. It has been and still is in the web for too long now and why write a self introduction now? It is because I have never formally introduced my self in this blog. So here it comes.

I am Adz

Was born, raised, is still living in Davao City~~ The Land of Promise

Born May 3, 1986 @ Davao City 

A son to an Islam Father and Catholic Mother which make me experience the beauty of both faith

Lived in Julu Sulu for a while

Came back to Davao to study

I am Catholic by choice

I can speak both Cebuano and Tausug dialect

I am a brother to two elder brothers and a younger sister

A friend to few good friends who I value as my family

I skipped prep school and started elementary at 6 when the age requirement was 7

A product of a Public school education system during elementary

Graduated from a Catholic school during High School

A graduate of BS Accountancy

A Certified International Bookkeeper

Worked as a Staff Auditor and resigned after 6 months

Worked as a Accounting in-charge for a lending company and resigned after 2 months

Worked as a bookkeeper and had a company transfer after 2 years

Worked as a bookkeeper in a BPO firm and was hired as a team leader for a non-voice account while handling accounting task

Resigned after 1 year of working 16 hours a day

Took Commercial cooking class and is now a holder of Level II- TESDA National Competency on commercial cooking

Taught Financial Management, Business Finance and Expository English for 1 semester thinking that teaching is my passion~ resigned for some personal reason

Now doing odd things here and there

Started blogging for no reason at all

Will start blogging again to rave and rant

These are just 25 things about me, equivalent to the 25 years of existence. The stories in between and the years to come are yet to be told and unknown, will keep you posted.



Djan said...

u forgot to add one more detail... "I was caught once by the police for smoking..."

aDz said...
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aDz said...

it was long time ago. I sure would write something about this experience...hahahaha :) Thanks for reminding me Djan!