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I know I said I will be posting an entry soon, I failed and I am sorry. I don’t usually break my promises but when you are paid to write about other people’s sexual proclivities, you sometimes get writer’s block. When you are paid to say nasty words, you need to back out from the niche to write something decent and regular. When everyday of your life you get to wake up and write about *ss licking, f*cking, s*cking and erotic pleasures there is a very slim chance that you will be able to produce a decent post as this post is suppose to be.

Anyway, our team went out to celebrate an event and to have a little rest and recreation as well. Pizza Party! We went to Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria to avail of their buy-1-take-1 pizza offer. On the Scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a 6. It surely was not the best pizza in town and I didn’t jump up and down after a good fill but it was an OKAY experience. Their new place located at Ecoland area was cozy and good, very little crowd and the service was superb. We were supposed to have a Karaoke session last Saturday but we were all too tired to even get up and make it happen, maybe next time.

(please disregard the dates in the pictures... crazy camera setting)

 the team

 Juvy and Kokong


 Yen and Juvy



the victim

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