Quick Update After A Long Hiatus

After being away for several months, I finally decided to get back to blogging, so quick updated now. Time check it is 4:30 in the morning and I need to get some sleep before I start with my work (again).

1.    I finally decided to stop working in a formal office set up. Good bye to formal outfit, slacks pants and leather shoes.  Hello to working all day smelling like stinky fish, half naked with only under pants on, and  smoking while on duty with a bottle of beer by my side.

2.    Is now working home base. A more politically correct way of saying I am an official BUMMER. We finally started with our long time plan of working on an elite (what the hell does elite mean?) group of internet marketers.

3.    Stopped teaching. I think I mentioned this in my previous post. I admit I miss the thrill of coming to school unprepared for the lesson and pretending to know what I am actually saying. I am so clever that at times I don’t understand what I am saying inside the class, but it did work for some time.

4.    Started writing for clients again. Niches are on dental health, flirting and dating, porn site review and porn item description. I know some niches are boring but some just keeps me awake. I mean really awake…hahahahah

5.    Is missing someone terribly. Duh! But who cares?

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