Sunday Must Do

Gazillion of things in my mind right now. Yesterday was an okay day, I was able to pull it off without having to kill somebody, without any bloodshed. Today, I expect to finish all these:

1. Rewrite 6 articles
2. Buy a charger for my phone
3. Do the laundry
4. Edit some more pictures
5. Go to church
6. Sleep some more....

So, let my Sunday begin!


I Need To...

I am becoming grumpier and grumpier each passing day. I have been mostly tired after so many sleepless nights. The writing, blog commenting,some random events, and social media task is taking its tool on me. I just feel tired and I mean very tired.

I still need to catch up with my sleep. I want to eat non-stop. I need to finish all my backlogs.I need some time for myself.

I am currently in my web design class and I can't grasp anything. The MySQL lessons is so alien to me while the codes look all the same as well. If you ever tried copying everything verbatim and still can't get it right, you know you are in a big sh*t hole. I know, because currently I am in that place.

I need a good laugh, I need a bottle of beer, I need to eat in a buffet, I need to sleep, I need my movie time back, I need a vacation . But, I still need to write 200 short descriptions, I need to post blog comments to 50 dofollow blogs, I need to write 7 web reviews (700-900 words each), I need to process photos and I need to check for new strategies.

So instead of trying to dissect and understand how all these crazy codes work,and how they would affect each other, here I am updating my blog and writing a random entry. Instead of doing the things that should be done,here I am ranting and pouring myself out in this blog.


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