Random Learnings: Dec. 8, 2011

I am not an authority when it comes to talking about values and respect, about life and responsibility. I have lived a life so carelessly that my virtues are tainted with so many dark spots. But I have learned things in these 25 years of existence, some outrageous and stupid but very practical and real. Let me share some of them to you.

1. You can't trust anyone to make you happy. People will fail you and make you cry, it is natural. Just care for them and don't expect to receive the same caring.

2. Pay your debts. Your word is tantamount to your credibility. If you have debts, pay them. This will increase your credit line and credit standing in the future.

3. Keep your promises, and if you can't keep them, face it. People rely on promises even if they say they don’t. So keep your promises.

4. Don't cry out loud. People will see your weakness if you do. Take things in a stride and keep your emotions to yourself until the time is right to show it.

5. Stop holding on to something that is not worth it.

6. Simplify your life. You don't need fancy things to make it through to living.

7. Don't sweat over small things. 

At the end of the day, all you have is yourself to blame for the things done and undone. Make the most out of living and live it the way you want it. Money is a strong driving force in human life but don’t let it ruin you. Again, all you have is yourself; everything else plays second in this game of life.

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