Loving Memory of Our Mama

love you....


Real Life Pet Society

And oh yes! We love pets. we have tons of pets in our house, dogs of all sorts of breeds and of various characters. I just love it when they pose for the camera.

Here is a glimpse to our fun and loving Real Life Pet society Lifestyle. 

Kye Sones: XFactor UK

I have been raping the replay button since last week. I just can't get enough of Kye Sones audition. I have never felt this strong for a contestant in a reality singing competition since Anwar Farid Robinson [American Idol Season 4], Melinda Marie Doolittle [American Idol Season 6], and Matthew Sheridan "Matt" Cardle [XFactor UK 2010].

I guess I have a thing for contestants who are very talented yet still remain grounded despite the gift. I just wish he makes it far in this competition. And yes, I am dying to use the word rubbish in a conversation because of him.


Random Musing: #1

Ano ang tawag sa saya ng larong tug-of-war? Kung nanalo ka nga pero sugatan ang mga palad mo at putikan ang mga tuhod? Pagpaparaya? Sakripisyo? Literal na kahulugan ng NO PAIN, NO GAIN? Ano nga ba?

Pano kung humupa na ang saya ng pagkapanalo pero mahapdi pa ang sugat, bakas pa ang galos sa iyong mga palad at madumi pa ang iyong mga tuhod? Worth it pa din ba ang saya para sa larong lipas na?


Do you have a name for the joy you feel when you win the game of tug-of-war? When you won the battle but you are left with scrapped palms and dirty knees? Sacrifice? Or is it the literal meaning of NO PAIN, NO GAIN? Do you have name for it?

What if the exhilarating joy of winning has passed and the bruises still hurt? When the traces of wound and scars are still there? What if you still end up with dirty knees even after the game? Is the pain still worth it even after the joy that has been?


7th Sal'lupongan Festival: New Bataan Compostela Valley Province

Last August 10, 2012, I and some of my office mates were invited to be a part of the 7th Sal'lupongan Festival at New Bataan Compostela Valley Province. We were invited to judge the indak-indak sa dalan or street dancing competition. We were expecting a small festival but we were amazed with the participation and the support of the whole community.

It was a fun experience. We were treated with very warm welcome, sincere smiles, great food, and tour all over New Bataan. One blog entry will not be enough to relay our experience. This is just a teaser! 

Watch out for more entries...

Judges with Mayor Lorenzo Balbin [Mayor of New Bataan] and HON. Ma Carmen Zamora-Apsay [Compostela Valley, 1st District Representative]

 Street Dancers

Thank you for the fun time New Bataan! We will be back SOON.

Photo Credits to:
Norbert Feria
Jomar Jalos
Beverly Santos

Funny Signs: Samal Island

If there is one thing that I like capturing, it is mostly funny signs. Don't get me wrong people, I am not perfect and I am not really good at this. But I think it is our responsibility to post understandable and proper postings. Here are some samples of the pictures I was able to capture from a resort in Samal [Island Garden City of Samal].


Maja Blanca and Office Food Trip

Office food trip
Cooked Maja Blanca
Sir Norbert brought different types of Maki
Yum-yum moments with great gals


Boy or Girl

This is how you should make a WANTED posting.
 and very specific....


Is BACK for good

I miss writing and sharing my thoughts. I know I said that I might comeback in a different form with a different agenda but I guess I have to stick to what I do best. I have had this blog since 2007 and for almost five years of ON and OFF posting; I have learned to love this. It may not be perfect and I may have missed posting important details and realizations, but I am back now, and I am back for good.


On Indefinite Leave

I have been telling myself to write regularly and that I should revive this blog, but to no avail. I kept on procrastinating on my writing assignment. I have unofficially let this blog fail on so many aspects. So now, I am officially filing an indefinite leave of absence from writing.

May mga dahilan kung bakit kailangan ko munang lumayo at mag nilaynilay, ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

1.    Masyado nang complicated ang mga bagay. Kung dati ay maari kong ipahayag ang gusto kong sabihing sa pamamagitan ng larawan, simpleng salita, ang mga kalakip na video, ngayon ay hindi na ganun ka simple ang lahat. You just can’t touch a portion of my existence without disclosing something that is too personal. People will get hurt; some might get offended, you could fail some and hail some. So I might as well shut up before I end up failing myself.

2.    They say that when you are writing for a living, you can’t wait for inspiration to spark. You need to make every living moment your inspiration. It doesn’t work for me.

3.    At some point, having too much inspiration is not good as well.

4.    This blog just gives out too much.

I might come back in a different form with a different name so I guess this is not yet goodbye.


Ang Pagbabalik!

Hindi ako makapagsulat ng aayos. Ewan ko ba, minsan lang kahit di ka naman writer pwede pa din naman palang magka writer's block. Parang bird flu din, pwede kang ma apektohan nito kahit di ka naman bird.

The year 2012 is starting off a little wrong again. After the Surigao Trip we had with some of my college friends and the gang, I immediately went to the hospital since my mom got admited to the ICU. The doctor is recommending an open heart surgery which I tell you would cost a fortune. Hindi naman worry ang pera kahit wala naman talaga kami nun, I worry for the health of my mom. An open heart surgery is still an open heart surgery. Kahit pa ang pinakamagaling na doctor sa balat ng lupa pa ang mag handle ng operation, it still comes with risks. And for someone like me who is not much of a risk taker, mahirap to. Aside from the crazy hospital errands, other issues are also surfacing. I was determined to go abroad this year but due to my mom's health condition; I think I have to pass. Then I wanted to go to school again, but then I realized that the school where I want to enroll has moved to a different location. I am still trying to consider things again. Ano ba talaga gusto kong gawin sa buhay ko? I am still waiting for an offer from a friend, if it works out, then I could make clear decisions from there.

I know, I promised writing for my reader(s) (who I assume is just my little sister trying to disguise as a fan to make me feel better). Ito lang ata ang isang promise na di ko matupad-tupad. I am changing things up in my schedule and I hope I can squeeze in writing on a regular basis to it.

Will try but I am not promising anything.