Ang Pagbabalik!

Hindi ako makapagsulat ng aayos. Ewan ko ba, minsan lang kahit di ka naman writer pwede pa din naman palang magka writer's block. Parang bird flu din, pwede kang ma apektohan nito kahit di ka naman bird.

The year 2012 is starting off a little wrong again. After the Surigao Trip we had with some of my college friends and the gang, I immediately went to the hospital since my mom got admited to the ICU. The doctor is recommending an open heart surgery which I tell you would cost a fortune. Hindi naman worry ang pera kahit wala naman talaga kami nun, I worry for the health of my mom. An open heart surgery is still an open heart surgery. Kahit pa ang pinakamagaling na doctor sa balat ng lupa pa ang mag handle ng operation, it still comes with risks. And for someone like me who is not much of a risk taker, mahirap to. Aside from the crazy hospital errands, other issues are also surfacing. I was determined to go abroad this year but due to my mom's health condition; I think I have to pass. Then I wanted to go to school again, but then I realized that the school where I want to enroll has moved to a different location. I am still trying to consider things again. Ano ba talaga gusto kong gawin sa buhay ko? I am still waiting for an offer from a friend, if it works out, then I could make clear decisions from there.

I know, I promised writing for my reader(s) (who I assume is just my little sister trying to disguise as a fan to make me feel better). Ito lang ata ang isang promise na di ko matupad-tupad. I am changing things up in my schedule and I hope I can squeeze in writing on a regular basis to it.

Will try but I am not promising anything.

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